Shifting Gears is special because …

We focus on equipping leaders to ~

  • Improve relationships – internal and external
  • Get the best out of people – to everyone’s benefit
  • Deliver immediate benefits
  • Deal creatively with issues
  • Revolutionise business on a daily basis
  • Elegantly prevent or resolve grievances
  • Make better decisions
  • Confidently mentor and coach others
  • Deal well with unhelpful behaviour
  • Evolve their own style

Our programmes are based on ~

  1. Near;y thirty years of continuing development
  2. Real issues addressed (no ‘case studies’)
  3. Modelling and practising of what is advocated
  4. Structures and processes that are practical, inclusive and energising
  5. Powerful skills toolkits for immediate application
  6. Group sizes that deliver meaningful, sustained and transforming learning
  7. Learning that is applicable around the world
  8. A social contribution through our ‘Community Leader’ programme
  9. No jargon

We define a leader as ~

Not only people who have been ‘anointed’ or ‘appointed’ but those who have turned on their ‘internal switch’, have a vision of where they are going, and their hands up for developing their role in all aspects of life”.

Growing people – a strategic issue

Focus on revolutionising how organisations and people deal with one another rather than ‘fixing’ individuals

Where to place your effort?

  1. Place your main investment into the 20-30% of people who already ‘have their hand up’ as described above. They
    will magnify and return your time and effort resulting in optimal development value.
  2. Next, focus on the 40-60% of people waiting to pick-up on the direction of others.
  3. Finally, consider the last 10-20%. Tending to absorb/drain energy they need careful monitoring of requirements to
    ensure that resources are well used: best to help them create what they really want and stop behaving as ‘victims’.

On learning…

When we speak of ‘learning’ we are referring to behavioural changes rather than knowledge acquisition