Leadership learning for everyone everywhere

Our aim is to make leadership development available to anyone who wishes to join in. Using the SG Leaders’ Cafe approach there will be something for everyone: organisations wanting in-depth executive workshops comprising small groups (listed elsewhere on our site),  individuals who would like to join larger groups to learn and network over a weekend workshop and ‘not for profits’ organisations with limited budgets .

We support the ‘not for profit’ community in three ways

Online development

Here leaders in ‘not for profit’ organisations who cannot afford to pay for up-close workshops or are located in remote areas can work online for no cost learning from articles, videos, on line chats and (for a token fee), webinars.

Giving vision

As we assist leaders to develop their vision we align our community contribution to the work of others who give vision – the Fred Hollows Foundation. We directly support the work of the foundation, an organisation that has a huge impact on the lives of thousands of blind people around the world; people otherwise doomed to a life of poverty and social exclusion.

For each of our scheduled programmes we donate a minimum of two cataract operations through the Fred Hollows foundation.

Leadership scholarships

Through our Community Leader Development Programme, we offer a limited number of Scholarships to leaders from selected ‘not for profit’ community groups. The recipients join a Shifting Gears programme for zero fee (the only cost being for meals and books). The Shifting Gears environment encourages corporate and community leaders to exchange and gain much from their respective viewpoints and experiences.

Essentially, if you work for a small, under-funded, not-for-profit, ‘back against the wall’ organisation, which does amazing things on a shoestring budget, contact us at info@shiftinggears and we will look at including you on our list of qualifying groups.


Corporate Sponsorship

As a corporate, this is an opportunity for you to make a social contribution far greater than the dollar value would at first suggest.

Community groups, usually small and operating on very tight budgets, have little opportunity to access leadership development programmes. Even though Shifting Gears waives its fee, groups find that simply paying for meals or resources is a major hurdle.

A corporate sponsorship of just a few hundred dollars has a huge impact on how a group operates and the delivery of their much needed services. When leaders’ access development programmes there is a multiplying effect as they pass their learning on to others within the group.

To become a sponsor for a community group, contact us at info@shiftinggears and we will put you in direct contact with the group most aligned to your corporate profile or business.

Community feedback …

“The Shifting Gears programmes have empowered a number of the Managers and Group Leaders in the Community Service Organisation of Porirua City with new tools.

Many people in our service industry have not experienced the level of personal development and opportunity that is presented as part of the workshops. It has opened a new and exciting opportunity that most of us would not be able to experience given budget restraints.

I personally see many situations and opportunities through different eyes, I feel confident to take on difficult situations, I know I am in possession of new skills that enable me to manage at a different level, both personally and in a business environment.”

Martin Highgate, Centre Manager, Porirua Community Services Centre

“A high point and direct outcome from participating in the Shifting Gears Programme, was using my knowledge to run a public meeting with twenty eight people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints – something I could not have done prior to the course.

I began by creating respect for the meeting process and the participants. At the end of the meeting, many people congratulated me on my leadership skills. Group members even ended up talking socially with each other – something they would not have done in normal circumstances.”

Ken Clearwater, Community leader & past Council Candidate

“I learned the skills to shape the future rather than reacting to someone else’s future.”

Dave Campbell, Manager Whitford Brown Trust