‘Transform’ mentoring advantage

Adds value

‘Transform’ mentoring adds value to employees, who then add value to their organisations by giving their best.

Creates productive environment

Taking the approach that employees want to be happy, productive and innovative, we assist in creating an environment that encourages this to happen. Our work also supports diversity by recognising, and taking full advantage of, the uniqueness of each employee.

Embraces and supports continuous change

Now and into the future continuous change will be the norm with individual resilience and performance crucial to team and organisational success. Promoting creativity, breakthrough performance, and resilience, ‘Transform’ mentoring contributes to an organisation’s competitive edge leveraging individual strengths and abilities to maximise performance.

Staff committed to organisational goals

When mentored to performance rather than ‘managed’ to performance, staff are more committed to the outcomes of their work and the achievement of organisational goals.

Increased staff retention

Well considered mentoring increases retention of involved staff with many accompanying benefits.

‘Course – Mentoring – Organisation’ partnership

Synergy in action

Combining development courses with mentoring greatly increases their effectiveness. Mentoring is a carefully crafted process, a valuable next step that deepens learning and enhances sustainable shifts in behaviour – especially when used both during and following formal courses.

Supported by a trusted and experienced ‘Transform’ mentor, participants share their successes and work through the challenges of applying the training to their workplace situations. ‘Transform’ mentoring supports the breaking of long-standing habits and firmly transforms individual learning into new, more helpful, habits.

Competitive edge

On-going development of the workforce is necessary to remain competitive. Without mentoring, this on-going effort may fail to realise its full potential and not deliver lasting behavioural change – ‘to know and not to do is not to know’.

Aligned needs

Working creatively with organisations, ‘Transform’ mentors ensure that, while addressing individual learning needs, the developmental effort is aligned with the organisation’s goals while retaining the integrity of the Shifting Gears Programmes.

‘Transform mentoring sessions as a component of Shifting Gears
The integration of ‘Transform’ mentoring sessions into our Thoughtful Revolutionary programme is a powerful way of increasing the effectiveness of the learning application. It is also an example of operating as Thoughtful Revolutionaries as we continuously evolve and refine the Shifting Gears leadership programmes.

Leadership coaching & mentoring options

Leadership ‘Transform’ mentoring packages
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