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“I recommend Shifting Gears to anyone looking for improved performance in their business or personal lives”


Powerful 5 month executive programme – includes three workshops (total of 6 days) and three ‘Transform Sessions’

Shifting Gears is about ‘you developing you’. On a daily basis, evolving (revolutionising) your leadership style, your business, who you are, how you operate, and how you lock-in the gains. In short, about leading your life with purpose.

The concepts and skills of ‘The Thoughtful Revolutionary’ transform your life, directly support how you operate as a leader and enable you to achieve what is important to you – with less effort, less stress, improved relationships, and more fun.


You cannot predict the future but you can prepare yourself to seize its opportunities


Lead your transformation

Evolve your leadership style Build your relationships
Seize opportunities Deal well with unhelpful behaviour
Take control of what you experience Effectively mentor & coach others
Establish ‘Executive Presence’ Harness the enormous power of listening
Step up to new leadership levels Improve & align organis-ational relationships
Evolve self-leadership skills Feel comfortable giving feedback
Clear roadblocks & extend horizons Grow supplier & customer relationships
Apply the improvement ‘Fifth Step’ See ‘problems’ as a treasure trove

Grow your support base

Eliminate wasted time & effort Resolve conflict quickly & well
Create productive & satisfying meetings Build efficient & harmonious sections
Re-focus teams to get things done Reduce stress levels & have more fun

The Transformational Leader is special ~

Strong connections to situations faced by you, solid benefits, six days of programme time, plus four nights for reflection, deliver immediate benefits.

Spread over four months, the the three workshops, plus three integrated one-to-one ‘Transform sessions’, deliver significant and sustained learning.

Shifting Gears book and Memory Jogger Keeps skills kept ‘top of mind’
Environment Safe, collegial and enjoyable
Relevance Working on matters of immediate concern to you
Learning Maximised through solid processes
Modelling What is said is what is done
Connections Powerful linking of concepts and skills
DENIBAW ‘Roadmap’ guides you through dealing well with unhelpful behaviour
Toolkit Deals elegantly with problems

“…had such a profound impact on me … returned to work and home life uplifted, thoughtful…”

Enjoy ~

Ian Oldham, author Shifitng Gears materials

Ian Oldham, author Shifitng Gears materials

  • Working in small groups on real issues
  • Testing new ways of working in a safe environment
  • Shifting your perspective without destructive confrontation
  • Building strongly on the skills that you already have
  • Using straightforward and fun approaches to learning
  • Taking control over difficult situations using the power of DENIBAW
  • Applying your skills immediately

What participants say
“I learned the skills to shape the future rather than reacting to someone else’s future.”
Dave Campbell
“Listening is something we all take for granted. This course will teach you the power of listening well, and from that you will be able to implement a whole range of skills you never knew you had.”
Mike O’Hara
“A high point and direct outcome from participating in the Shifting Gears Programme, was using my knowledge to run a public meeting with twenty eight people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints – I could not have done this prior to the course.”
Ken Clearwater
“…many people have attended the programme and returned to work and home life uplifted, thoughtful, and often with an enhanced level of communication” (extract – full testimonial available on web site).
Mary Sinclair-Jones
“I began by creating respect for the meeting process and the participants. At the end of the meeting, many people congratulated me on my leadership skills. Group members even ended up talking socially with each other – something they would not have done in normal circumstances.”

Additional benefits

  • Re-visit the programme at any time within 15 months of completion
  • Fee refunded if you are not completely happy with the result
  • Family & friends able to share your experience at a very special price