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“I recommend Shifting Gears to anyone looking for improved performance in their business or personal lives”

2 1/2 day programme

Shifting Gears is about ‘you developing you’. On a daily basis, evolving (revolutionising) your leadership style, your business, who you are, how you operate, and how you lock-in the gains. In short, about leading your life with purpose.

Here you equip yourself with concepts and skills that transform your life and directly support how you operate as a leader. The skills and concepts enable you to create what is important to you with less effort, less stress, improved relationships . . . and more fun

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5 tools for  leaders is special ~

Strong connections to issues in your world, solid benefits, and immediate application lie at the core of the programme.

The workshop is spread over three days so as to include two nights for reflection and to ensure significant and sustained benefits.

Shifting Gears book and Memory Jogger Keeps skills kept ‘top of mind’
Environment Safe, collegial and enjoyable
Relevance Working on matters of immediate concern to you
Learning Maximised through solid processes
Modelling What is said is what is done
Connections Powerful linking of concepts and skills
DENIBAW ‘Roadmap’ guides you through dealing well with unhelpful behaviour
Toolkit Deals elegantly with problems

“…had such a profound impact on me … returned to work and home life uplifted, thoughtful…”

Enjoy ~

  • Working in small groups on real issues
  • Testing new ways of working in a safe environment
  • Shifting your perspective without destructive confrontation
  • Building strongly on the skills that you already have
  • Using straightforward and fun approaches to learning
  • Taking control over difficult situations using the power of DENIBAW
  • Applying your skills immediately