We use and recommend a range of books some of which we make available through the programmes and online.

5 tools to change your world
Following on from his successful Shifting Gears, Ian’s 5 tools to change your world is a straightforward, jargon-free guide to dealing with life’s everyday difficulties.

This book does not attempt to fix you with a prescriptive list of things that you should do. Instead, it sees you as the resident expert on your life and keeps you firmly in the driver’s seat.

00 front cover small

The 5 tools described are simple skills and concepts, such as seeing other viewpoints. You are actively encouraged to decide when, where, and how to apply each tool as you see fit, using some or all of them to navigate and control your own unique journey. These tools are powerful, instantly applicable and timeless.

Deliberately focusing on the future and creating what you want to experience, the book offers strategies rather than solutions. It’s not about ‘how to’ but rather ‘how do you want to…’

Ian has worked with people from all walks of life and brings a wealth of practical and managerial experience to his writing. He has facilitated organisational development at a senior level in many countries and still regularly delivers his Shifting Gears program. His book, while applicable to everyone, will be of special interest to those in a leadership role.

A stimulating read, 5 tools will draw you back time and again, to provide you with fresh insights and the opportunity to add greater meaning and value to your life.

137 pages, soft cover, 8″ x 5″


Shifting Gears

SG book cover

First published fifteen years ago and reprinted twice, Shifting Gears continues to receive great feedback with comments such as “inspiring” and “helped me to deal with the situation I was facing”.

192 pages, soft cover, 9″ x 6″



SG Memory Jogger

The SG Memory Jogger focus is to serve as a reminder  for people who have completed the Shifting Gears programme. Used in conjunction with Shifting Gears, the SG Memory Jogger serves as a quick reference to the concepts and skills needed when you are looking for new ways to deal with a situation, whether or not you participate in the programme.

32 pages, spiral bound card, 4″ x 6″

SG Memory Jogger cover



Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl

One of the outstanding books of the twentieth century. Each reading reveals new insights applicable to our daily lives.


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

An easy to read fable that points to ways in which you can create a more fulfilling life.

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Shifting Gears: NZ$34.95 incl. GST

SG Memory Jogger : NZ$24.95 incl. GST

Man’s Search For Meaning : NZ$27.95 incl. GST

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: NZ$26.95 incl. GST


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