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Rejecting dependency

Had a shock recently when I visited a friend who used to be my boss many many years ago and now lives in a resthome. In those days I was well down the food chain and he was generally regarded as a substitute, if not replacement for, God; except that he had more power and authority. On the spur of the moment, my wife and I decided to go [...]


Reflection on listening.

People and organisations seem to be happy to invest time, effort and money following formal/legal procedures used to deal with things, such as a grievance. They even congratulate themselves on how well they ‘dealt with the opposing forces’. What seems to be missed is that a spot of true listening might have avoided the whole [...]

Continuous Improvement

Look after yourself

In a study of 1000 people over a period of 40+ years, ‘The Dunedin Project’ ( http://dunedinstudy.otago.ac.nz/news-and-events/article/41 ) revealed staggering variances between a person’s chronological age and their biological age i.e. how well the body and mind of people had aged. Notwithstanding variations in [...]


Filters or augmenters?

At a recent Shifting Gears workshop, a participant observed that when we see ‘As it is’, not only do we ‘see’ what we want to see, we also create what we want to see. In other words we filter and augment what is available with our fears and fantasies thus creating our very own experience. That may not matter too [...]