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Truly inspirational and an amazing leader – facilitator

Ian had such a profound affect on me that, when the course came to an end, it seemed that I had lost a close friend. However, Shifting Gears was just the beginning of my journey of 1000 miles.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to attend Shifting Gears have developed a strong camaraderie, help each other with whatever we are working through, and often drop DENIBAW or the Self Fulfilling Cycle into our discussions.

My Personal Memory Jogger is worth its weight in gold giving me greater clarity on my journey, the ability to step back and make informed decisions, and the ability to build better relationships.

Ian Oldham is truly inspirational and an amazing facilitator.

(Darren Roberts Regional Sales Manager, DIMOND Industries **)


I recommend Shifting Gears to anyone looking for improved performance

We have been working with the Shifting Gears programme for several years as a part of our Management training strategy. Over that time, attendance on a Shifting Gears course has become an integral part of every Drake Manager’s personal development.

Our organisation is, quite literally, ‘in the people business’ and the Shifting Gears skills significantly impact our ability to understand the needs of our clients, our candidates and our staff. They also strongly influence our overall ability to communicate effectively with them. In particular, the conflict management tools and skills have saved us money and improved morale & productivity.

Taught in a unique learning environment, Shifting Gears is a positive experience enjoyed by all our managers and future leaders. Last year we ran our first programme for our ‘up and coming’ staff to prepare them for future leadership roles. This has proven to be hugely successful for those selected to attend and we are looking forward to a new group of selected staff attending the course again this year.

I recommend ‘Shifting Gears’ to anyone looking for improved performance in either their business or personal lives and would be happy to discuss our experience and our positive results.

(Craig Muir, Senior Manager, Recruitment Company **)


Shifting Gears met my expectations and more!

It is a very organized, well thought through course, which achieved the results that I was looking for – not only in my workplace but also in my personal life. The programme especially provided some great problem solving techniques that I can apply to my work situation and at home.

The concept of seeing things ‘as it is’ has been extremely useful and I was given tools to develop my own personal style of leadership. I found the “How to run Effective Meetings” especially useful and have had some positive feedback from my interviewing staff since applying some of the principals learnt. In fact, meeting attendance has improved tremendously!

The facilitation and materials have been of the highest standard, in fact, my Personal Memory Jogger sits on my desk and I often refer to it to keep connected to the concepts learnt on the course.

Shifting Gears is great – but I think that you do need to be open and receptive to the idea of change and trying something new.  Once in this frame of mind one is able to maximize what is taught on the course.

Thank you for the opportunity of attending a worthwhile and ongoing learning experience!

(Sharon Mitchell, Volunteering Waikato – community group**)

Returned to work and home life uplifted, thoughtful

We have been enjoying Shifting Gears for more than ten years. Over this time, many people have attended the programme and returned to work and home life uplifted, thoughtful, and often with an enhanced level of communication.

One of the useful results for us has been the informal network that has built up across the organisation. Another is the higher level of willingness amongst people that have attended the course to explore sometimes contentious or difficult issues and come up with collaborative solutions.

Having grown a shared language and experience, we intend to keep on doing so – I am very happy to discuss our experiences further.

(Mary Sinclair-Jones, Human Resources Manager, Local government **)

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Shifting Gears programmes incorporate learning from Ian’s developmental work on Problem Solving, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Organisation Efficiency, Process Improvement, Strategic planning and Team building