Shifting Gears Author

Ian Oldham has spent nearly thirty years developing the Shifting Gears materials and continues to evolve them. He studied Kaizen in Japan with Masaaki Imai and has worked with people and organisations in Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, Russia, the UK and the USA.

Ian Oldham - founder Shifting Gears

Ian Oldham – founder Shifting Gears

Diverse and rich background

The development of Shifting Gears was underpinned by Ian’s executive experience in aviation, manufacturing and retail, his owning and operating of several companies (including an outdoor adventure company) and his qualifications in electronics, commercial flying, industrial engineering, quality assurance and retail management.

Principled approach

Shifting Gears books and programmes, are ‘dross free’ and down to earth delivering immediate and sustained benefits. The collaborative, transformational approach enables participants to explore their role as a leader, handle change, manage difficult situations with ease, deal with unhelpful behaviour, and move on.

Continuously evolving powerful the concepts, processes, and tools programme leaders ensure that they closely support participants as they shift their viewpoints and transform their operating style. The approach also strongly encourages participants to apply their learning to what really matters – to them – in their business and personal lives.

Gets to ‘the essence’

Shifting Gears focuses on what really matters resulting in programmes that are not only transformational but also universal in nature. Delivered in China, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Australia and New Zealand, Shifting Gears has benefited people in research, hospitality, telecommunications, broadcasting, medical practice, project management, real estate, software development, unions, government, science, employer groups and not-for-profit organisations.

A representative list of clients covering a twenty year period includes: Plaza Int’l Hotel (now Duxton), San Francisco MPEG hotels (Multi-employer Group), Drake International, IBM, Bayleys Real Estate, Telecom NZ, NZ Department of Internal Affairs, Exide Technology, Carlton Hotel, Digital Equipment, CentrePort NZ, Strait Shipping, KiwiRail (NZ State Owned Enterprise), Industrial Research (Crown Research Institute), MORST (Ministry of Research Science & Technology), Wellington Convention Centre, MAF (Ministry of Agriculture & Forests), Employers & Manufacturers Association, Kordia (broadcast & telecomm. solutions), Ericcson Communications, Environment Waikato Regional Council, Wellington City Council, TelstraClear (Telephone fixed line, mobile, & ISP), Interisland Line (Rail & passenger ferry service), National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, Television New Zealand, CentrePort (Wellington).