About us

Founded in 1991 by Ian Oldham, Shifting Gears is committed to helping individuals and leaders from business and community organisations to grow in a stimulating and fun environment.

Above all else, we treat people as fully functioning adults able to decide for themselves what they want to do, when they want to do it and how they want to do it. This approach underpins all our work, keeps us on our toes, stimulates learning, and generates ongoing improvements.

Changing organisational structures and processes (even buildings) is relatively easy compared to the shifts that leaders need to make to respond to or implement change – our role is to support them on this journey.

Ian Oldham

Ian Oldham – founder Shifting Gears

Spanning six or seven ‘careers’, my working life has covered operational and executive positions in electronics, aviation, retailing, quality assurance, and quality improvement; a background that has resulted in many insights and lessons regarding how people and organisations operate.

For nearly thirty years my focus has been on supporting leaders operating in a rapidly changing work environment and it has  been inspirational to engage with them as they improve how they lead themselves and others.

My drive is to identify and hone concepts, skills and processes that are pragmatic, well-grounded and deliver real-world benefits.

valma_tnValma Retter – programme manager

Helping people in the community, plus extensive travel, has given me a wide appreciation of how people interact with each other and the benefits of our work. My work brings me into direct contact with many people and I enjoy being a part of the learning process and seeing them develop.

A background in law, aviation, banking, and administration has provided me with extensive opportunities to use and refine my organisational skills. Now, working with Shifting Gears, I am able to draw on, and extend, my experience in organising things ‘behind the scenes’ as well as in dealing directly with people.

A special pleasure is being involved in the design of Shifting Gears materials such as the ‘SG Memory Jogger’ and workshop presentation materials.


GlenysGlenys Gwynne – regional manager New Zealand

For the past 10 years I have worked in organisations on a consultancy basis. Over that time, I have come to admire people who are not only highly effective at work, but are also actively working to achieve balance in their lives.

Having balance in your life includes not only looking after yourself but also dealing well with those around you: being noticed and appreciated for how well you interact with others is an achievement in itself. Having worked as a coach, trainer and facilitator, I have experienced a great joy in helping others gain new knowledge and skills to achieve in this area.

I have great faith in the Shifting Gears programme and was first introduced to it when I came across the book, serendipitously, many years ago. I have seen people use the processes and information to great effect and am proud to be associated with a development programme that emphasises what is important in life.

Glenys Gwynne

New Zealand

Phone: +64 27 415 7519
Email: glenys.gwynne@xtra.co.nz

Gill Garchow – ‘Transform’ mentoring leader

My role as a ‘Transform’ Mentor, Coach and International Trainer, is to facilitate positive enduring change with individuals and organisations….and I love it!

Gil Garchow pic WEB (Small)

It never ceases to amaze me what great things can happen when people identify and utilise their strengths to raise their performance; find clarity and direction and to communicate more effectively – achieving balance and life satisfaction.

I bring to the relationship industry specific understandings in manufacturing, local government, service, sales and marketing.  Underpinning this is a 9 year Consulting and Coaching practice in professional development, organisational change, project management and information systems .

Shifting Gears is a leadership philosophy for life – and it makes such logical sense! I have seen organisations experience tangible cultural and performance shifts resulting directly from the programmes.  I am delighted to be part of the team.

Gill Garchow
Associate Credentialed Coach (ICF)
Coaching by Design Ltd

New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 238 9960
Mobile: +64 21 763 616
Email: gill@coachingbydesign.co.nz