Shifting Gears

The best way to predict your future is to create it

You as a leader…

There is always someone looking to you as an example, someone encouraged and inspired by how you operate.


Whether you intend it or not you are a leader which adds purpose to deliberately working on your life to make it more fun, fulfilling, productive and purposeful. Not to mention less stressful.

Whatever the outcome, your experience is a choice not destiny.

Even more important when appointed…

conductorPeople follow people, and are loyal to leaders not organisations.

As a leader within an organisation, you have a profound effect on ‘Human losses’*, those unacknowledged losses that have such a destructive impact on people’s well-being and on an organisation’s bottom line. This year on year on year damage usually results in a loss of reputation; both internally and externally.

Human Losses rarely ring personal or organisational financial ‘alarm bells’  notwithstanding the high levels of stress and general loss of well-being for those involved.

Fortunately, Human Losses are an option, not an inevitable by-product of organisational activity, and can be greatly reduced. It may come as a shock to realise that typically, overall losses in service organisations run between 30 – 50% of which Human Losses form a major part.

* Examples of human losses  –

  • Organisational ‘divisions’ with little engagement
  • Miscommunication and duplicated effort
  • Unproductive meetings
  • Poor performance
  • Destructive reviews (the opposite to the usual intent)
  • Low trust
  • Absenteeism and high staff turnover


Are you cultivating a weed patch or a garden


Like weeds in a garden, the only things that evolve by themselves in groups (families, organisations) are conflict, confusion and poor behaviour or performance.

Fortunately, these situations are not destiny and you can deal well with them to create what you really want to experience.

To create a lovely garden you need an uncluttered assessment of the current situation, a clear picture of what the garden will finally look like (where you want to be), the skills to achieve it, and a deliberate plan to get you there! Likewise when dealing with personal, interpersonal and organisational problems.

Ian Oldham - founder Shifting Gears

Ian Oldham – founder Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears programmes

We provide specific tools that assist you as you evolve the way you lead yourself and others. Our focus on immediate and sustained results in your personal or business life, has resulted in high levels of engagement and praise from participants looking to create what they want to experience.